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I have always considered myself incredibly fortunate to have enjoyed an interesting, varied  and fascinating career, doing something I love, however, now after 49 years in the Stock Exchange and Securities business predominantly in one home, the time has come to say ‘goodbye’ to Charles Stanley. Continue reading

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If it’s Saturday it must be Belgrade..

After Friday night’s excellent Charter, Saturday was a day for ‘Service’.

The Lions Club Beograd hosted the first ‘Diabetic Screening’ to be held in Serbia. The event was supported by members of each Lions Club and each Leo Club in Serbia, guests at the Charter and some Leo’s who travelled from Croatia.

It was a very well organised and very impressive event, held in the largest public park in Belgrade.

The screening was located by one of the park’s restaurants (who kindly loaned chairs and tables) and was fortunate in that the weather was excellent, with many people using the park.

Leos provided an advance party, approaching people, issuing leaflets and advising them what was taking place.

The screening started with a weight and height check, personal details were taken, waists were measured then it was into the inner sanctum.

The medical team were all Lions as well as professionals. Using the measurements, body mass index was calculated and advice given.

A ‘finger prick’ followed to give a blood sugar reading. Finally, blood pressure and heart rate were measured and advice, including seek further medical attention, was given.

The LC Beograd had been granted a two hour ‘licence’ for the screening. In that two hour period some 200 individuals were screened with all the Leo’s and Lions taking part.

It was an absolute pleasure to see the Lions and Leos of Serbia working as ‘one team’ with support from their friends from neighbouring countries.

The event was what they planned for, generated the response it deserved and was an excellent advertisement for what Lions can do, Service at its best.



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New Club, New Opportunities…

We travelled the short distance from Novi Sad to Zrenjanin for the Charter Celebrations of the ‘new’ Zrenjanin Petrovgrad Lions Club.

Lions and guests were arriving from mid-afternoon so we had the opportunity to converse and enjoy everyone’s company.

I had the pleasure of presenting the Charter to Lion President Miroslav Filep and welcoming 24 members to the Association.

This was the first new Club formation in Serbia for a few years. The introductions and presentation of member ‘Pins’ was undertaken by the Zone Chair, Lion Maja Zikic, PCC Philip Goodier and myself, the Country Advisors.

Because of its closeness to Serbia’s borders, Lions from Clubs in Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Montenegro and Romania attended, a truly European occasion. Not to mention to UK Lions!

As those who know me will confirm, another of my passions is Special Olympics. Although this was their Charter Presentation the members of Petrovgrad Zrenjanin have been working with Special Olympics Serbia and have supported them in a number of events already, together with the Serbian Diabetes Association.

To quote Lion President Miroslav ‘nobody can forbid you from doing good in the community’, a wonderful metaphor for our motto ‘We Serve’.

After the formalities we had dinner followed by a very enjoyable evening: Serbians do know how to enjoy themselves!

Congratulations to the Lions of Petrovgrad Zrenjanin and Serbia, I am sure this will not be the last new Club and they will grow from strength to strength.

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My latest visit to Serbia, together with PCC Philip Goodier, in our capacity as Country Advisors, began on Wednesday, Philip joined me on Thursday, for a range of Lions’ events in what will be a very full weekend, including the Charter Night of a ‘new’ Club.

After a wonderful meeting with the members of the ‘new’ Lions of Petrovgrad Zrenjanin, we moved to Novi Sad, Serbia’s second largest city.




There are two Lions Clubs in Novi Sad and both have sponsored a Leo Club, so, there is friendly competition.

The first item of business was to meet with the Leo’s.

Having met the Leo’s on previous visits and attended some of their events I have to say that they are two of the best Leo Clubs we have had the privilege of knowing.

The leadership event ‘Balkan Ekspress’

Today was no exception and we spent over three hours together and the time just flew by!

Enthusiastic, passionate, full of ideas and desire to ‘Serve’. It is so good to see them ‘growing’ as Clubs and as individuals.

In the evening we met with the Zone Chair, Maja Zikic, and members from both Lions Clubs in Novi Sad.

We were talking when one of the members , a Doctor, received a phone call, made her apologies, and left.

An hour later a photo arrived showing her in ‘hospital scrubs’ preparing to operate on a patient.

Truly a commitment to ‘Serve’.

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