My latest visit to Serbia, together with PCC Philip Goodier, in our capacity as Country Advisors, began on Wednesday, Philip joined me on Thursday, for a range of Lions’ events in what will be a very full weekend, including the Charter Night of a ‘new’ Club.

After a wonderful meeting with the members of the ‘new’ Lions of Petrovgrad Zrenjanin, we moved to Novi Sad, Serbia’s second largest city.




There are two Lions Clubs in Novi Sad and both have sponsored a Leo Club, so, there is friendly competition.

The first item of business was to meet with the Leo’s.

Having met the Leo’s on previous visits and attended some of their events I have to say that they are two of the best Leo Clubs we have had the privilege of knowing.

The leadership event ‘Balkan Ekspress’

Today was no exception and we spent over three hours together and the time just flew by!

Enthusiastic, passionate, full of ideas and desire to ‘Serve’. It is so good to see them ‘growing’ as Clubs and as individuals.

In the evening we met with the Zone Chair, Maja Zikic, and members from both Lions Clubs in Novi Sad.

We were talking when one of the members , a Doctor, received a phone call, made her apologies, and left.

An hour later a photo arrived showing her in ‘hospital scrubs’ preparing to operate on a patient.

Truly a commitment to ‘Serve’.

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