New Club, New Opportunities…

We travelled the short distance from Novi Sad to Zrenjanin for the Charter Celebrations of the ‘new’ Zrenjanin Petrovgrad Lions Club.

Lions and guests were arriving from mid-afternoon so we had the opportunity to converse and enjoy everyone’s company.

I had the pleasure of presenting the Charter to Lion President Miroslav Filep and welcoming 24 members to the Association.

This was the first new Club formation in Serbia for a few years. The introductions and presentation of member ‘Pins’ was undertaken by the Zone Chair, Lion Maja Zikic, PCC Philip Goodier and myself, the Country Advisors.

Because of its closeness to Serbia’s borders, Lions from Clubs in Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Montenegro and Romania attended, a truly European occasion. Not to mention to UK Lions!

As those who know me will confirm, another of my passions is Special Olympics. Although this was their Charter Presentation the members of Petrovgrad Zrenjanin have been working with Special Olympics Serbia and have supported them in a number of events already, together with the Serbian Diabetes Association.

To quote Lion President Miroslav ‘nobody can forbid you from doing good in the community’, a wonderful metaphor for our motto ‘We Serve’.

After the formalities we had dinner followed by a very enjoyable evening: Serbians do know how to enjoy themselves!

Congratulations to the Lions of Petrovgrad Zrenjanin and Serbia, I am sure this will not be the last new Club and they will grow from strength to strength.

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