Letter from America

The USA/Canada Leadership Forum never fails to impress, in terms of the scope of the Seminars that are presented and the number of Lions that attend.

This year’s Forum continues that tradition and it has been a pleasure to meet friends old and new.

As I mentioned in my first post from Columbus, ID Geoff and I had some very important business to undertake and we were delighted to present PID Patti Hill with endorsement letters from MD105 & D133, Ireland: her delight at receiving them is evident from the photograph below.

As the accompanying photographs show, we have had the opportunity to engage with Executive Officers and discuss current thinking on a range of subjects affecting the future.

These conversations have been stimulating and informative and we very much appreciate the time we have been afforded.

We were also introduced to several of the serving Directors from the USA and Canada.

It is always interesting to look round the exhibition area, to see what projects are being promoted and are there ideas that we can adapt for use in our own communities.

And so the day continues.

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