There have been many Lions in MD105 who have asked questions relating to the process of seeking the office of International 2nd Vice President and subsequently, International President. The following have been the most commonly asked questions and are accompanied by straightforward answers about the procedures relating to endorsement, certification and support for International Second Vice President Candidates.

Q. Does PID Phil have support from the International Family?

A. Yes, Phil has the positive support and encouragement of a great many members of the International Family. That support includes Past Presidents from across the world, all of whom have a great deal of influence in the selection process, Lions who have stated that Phil must continue on the path to the highest Office in our Association.

Q. Is a vote for PID Phil a positive vote?

A. Yes, because of the support and encouragement PID Phil is receiving from across the world.

Q. Is PID Phil Nathan active internationally?

A. PID Phil’s published cv evidences that PID Phil is the most capable, versatile, experienced and in demand currently active Past International Director from our Multiple District.

Q. What is ‘certification’?

A. Certification is the process by which an endorsed candidate submits their endorsement documents to LCI and makes clear their wish to run for 2nd Vice President. Once the ‘certification’ is submitted, a candidate is committed to running at the next International Convention.

Q. Does ‘certification’ guarantee election?

A. ‘Certification’, in itself, does not guarantee that a candidate, any candidate, will be elected as 2nd Vice President. In most years there are usually several certified candidates seeking election as 2nd Vice President.

Q. Is becoming ‘certified’ all that is required?

A. Becoming a ‘certified’ candidate is merely the first stage to having your name on the ballot paper. To receive the blessing of the International Family can be a lengthy process and may involve several years of work.   There is an expectation of potential candidates that they will show their commitment to the Association by visiting Forums, Conventions and other international events, to show commitment to our Association and demonstrate readiness to accept high Office.

Q. Have the candidates from MD105 shown the required commitment.

A. PID Phil Nathan has been travelling extensively, and has built support for his candidacy, by showing his commitment to the Association.

Q. If a candidate is endorsed by MD105 would they automatically be the candidate supported by the Lions in Europe?

A. No, the successful candidate will have to persuade the Lions of Europe that they are the individual who should be supported. PID Phil’s abilities are very well known across Europe as evidenced by the fact that Lion Phil is the PID selected to chair the Working Party charged with improving the working of the Europa Forum.   There are many PIDs the Lions of Europe could select, it is PID Phil who was chosen.

Q. Is MD 105 entitled to an automatic “slot” for International 2nd Vice President?

A. No, in any year there are usually several certified candidates seeking election as 2nd Vice President.

Q. Would a Lion receive open support from the International Executive to be elected to 2nd International Vice President without the prior endorsement of the Lions of MD105.

A. No. The International Executive could not openly presuppose that any Lion would be endorsed for high office, particularly if there is already an endorsed candidate.