Columbus Commentary….

The pace quickens!

Forum activities are now in full flow and we have enjoyed some interesting, informative and well presented Seminars.

Seen some really interesting service projects on sight activities- always useful to see how other cultures approach issues and can we adapt a project to work for us.

One of the pleasures of attending is to meet people, exchange ideas and, hopefully, encourage them.

One of the nice things about the USA/Canada Forum is that at their meals they have ‘table hosts’ and I have been asked to act as such.

At today’s lunch I was joined by Lion David Radtke, who I first met when I was the Guest at the Californian Lions Convention and he reminded me that I was the first PID he had met: now, he is a PCC. Great to catch up and exchange experiences.

After lunch ID Geoff and I caught up with PIP Wayne and Linda Madden who will be the Official Guests at one of our District Conventions in 2019.



It was good to meet up with two outstanding Past Presidents, Jim Ervin and Frank Moore, now serving as the Association’s Executive Administrator, and discuss a number of topics.



A great fan of MD105 is PIP Jimmy Ross and we enjoyed his, and Velda’s, company one evening and it was good to see Velda looking so well.

With re-districting accelerating towards us, we attended a seminar on merging/re-Districting, led by PID Bud Wahl and relating to a specific example from his own District.

Pleasingly, we could see that the topics raised and discussed, as well as the issues identified, are being considered by the District teams in MD105.

Communication, as it so often is, was the key factor stressed: everyone needs to be kept informed.

On more than one occasion in a good, clear presentation, PID Bud stressed that merging or re-districting does not solve the question of membership.

Thankfully, there were no surprises in the presentation, but an emphasis on working to bring the ‘new’ District together.

Word got round that the ‘Brits’ were in town and we were sought out by several Lions who had emigrated to either Canada or the USA, for a conversation about ‘home’ and the chance to hear a ‘proper’ English accent.

We ended much as we started, with long conversations with the Executive Officers and I again thank them for their time, openness and friendship.

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  1. Lion Phil we met your lovely wife Heidi on the first day of the Columbus Forum and promised that when the opportunity presented for Lynn and I to be in the quadrant of the room where you were hosting a table, we would join you. That said it proved to be the closing dinner on Saturday and neither of you were there. I’m sorry we missed you.

    I enjoyed our talks at the International Convention in Las Vegas, and thank you again for the invitation to your Reception; I enjoyed meeting your Multiple District Leaders.

    Best wishes in the next step of your life. I can’t picture you on the sidelines. I look forward to seeing you again in Milan.

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