MOET – a Champagne-quality Treatment for Mothers and Babies!

Yet more lives were saved in the former Yugoslavia with the arrival of ‘MOET’.

MOET (Management of Obstetric Emergencies and Trauma), has enabled healthcare professionals to learn new life-saving skills in treating women during pregnancy, and their babies at the time of birth. As part of the project essential medical equipment was provided in five maternity units.

The MOET course is the obstetric equivalent of the well-established APLS (Advanced Paediatric Life Support) system, which enables medical professionals from all over the area to learn essential skills for managing very sick babies and infants and is working extremely well.

MOET continued the ethos of GFL, which is to provide healthcare and training to patients and staff regardless of their ethnicities or background. Doctors, nurses and midwives from countries bordering Bosnia and Herzegovina were invited to take part.

Such has been the impact of our work that Doctors from surrounding countries of the Former Yugoslavia joined the training sessions, notably from Kosovo and Macedonia. Such is the recognition of the skills attained by successfully completing these training courses, that Albania also applied and attended, with success. All concerned with the programme agree that this is a wonderful accomplishment.

The target audience for MOET continues to be for experienced doctors where the focus is on care of pregnant women and their babies, in order to contribute to maximising their health and survival.

All the training courses are accredited in the UK, as part of the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG). The Faculty has consisted of 8 UK doctors (Obstetricians and Anaesthetists), a Professional Educator and an ALSG Course Co-ordinator.

MOET developed a momentum of its own, now being run by predominantly Bosnian Instructors in the Bosnian language. A ‘light touch’ supervisory style continues to take place, with a UK MOET Instructor attending courses on a ‘Quality Assurance’ basis.

The budget for the programme from its commencement to successful conclusion over a period of a few years, enabling training and equipment, exceeded the original projection of circa £250,000 as surrounding countries joined in. GfL raised the additional funding required.

Lions can deservedly feel proud of what they have delivered for the benefit of babies and children to-date. The Gift for Living began with a desire to evacuate and treat babies and young children, the victims of war, after the medical infrastructure in their homeland was destroyed. The donations of the Lions of MD105 meant that we continue to have a hands-on and successful role in saving the lives of vulnerable mothers and their babies.

Lion Phil Nathan, Chairman, launched ‘Lions Clubs International – a Gift for Living’, some 21 years ago. Over the years since, countless young and innocent lives have been saved.